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12 April 2009 @ 11:45 pm
made of fail [ but also 8 days of happy (day 2) ]  
Ok, first off, I missed my day yesterday, but here is my Day 2 of 8 days of happy:

  • had nummy easter breakfast with my family today (french toast with strawberries and banannas)
  • had great coffee with great friends today
  • started on my graphics for my second spring_with_xan (last night, and today, and oh my god picspams take too much time)

Got my thesis comments back from the advisor and yes, it was a crap pile of shit.  Her words were nicer, but basically amounted to that, and I KNEW she was going to say this because i have not given it the time and attention it deserved.  I have made many noises about giving it the time and attention it deserves, but they were all sound and bluster.  I have two weeks to pull my proverbial balls out of the fire, and so there you go.

and no, i'm not making it worse than it is, her exact words:

I've just finished reading and I must admit that I'm quite concerned about the state
of the thesis at this point. The argument is very difficult to follow and although there
are very good parts to it (particularly the detailed analysis of the film), it's extremely
rough at this point, has lots of repetition and lacks an overarching comprehensible
argument. Before moving onto writing new portions, I'd suggest some triage.
Let's talk asap after you get a chance to read my comments.

I suspect you'll be very disappointed by them, but I fear that you're so inside the argument
and so familiar with the works that you're not seeing the forest for the trees here. Should we meet
tomorrow or Tuesday in the afternoon perhaps?
Not looking for reassurance on this - I will get it together.  It was not unexpected, and it could have been worse.  But I would also just like the thing to be DONE and it is not going to be without major work on my part.

I seem to be butting heads in very little ways with the boyfriend all over the place.  Probably due to stress, but it still means there's a little frisson of friction running around in my spine.  One thing I've learned that I wish I didn't have to was to not talk radical feminism with/around men.  It is not something that provokes a sane response.

And just in case anyone hasn't seen this (and to keep the google bomb going)
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Explanation here (with links)
Elite Nerd Patrol, On Dutymechassninja on April 13th, 2009 09:08 pm (UTC)
in a totally unrelated note, i added you to my japanese lj, sooo if you're wondering who the random jerk who added you was, that was me ;p
Elite Nerd Patrol, On Dutymechassninja on April 13th, 2009 09:09 pm (UTC)
and keep at it with the thesis. i am just so impressed that you've gotten as far as you have (i mean, look at me ;p). it'll get there, you're totally smart and have something really interesting to say.
my monkied brainkatekat1010 on May 12th, 2009 01:06 am (UTC)
you have to promise me something - you have to promise you'll read my thesis (or at least part of it) and then WRITE A BETTER ONE THAN ME. I totally know you can do it. :D
Elite Nerd Patrol, On Dutymechassninja on May 13th, 2009 09:19 pm (UTC)
i will definitely read yours...a better one, though? you are like the smartest person i know, i'm not sure i can beat that ;p and it's probably cheating if i get a bunch of help from you, hehe. i am really leaning towards doing "snakes and earrings" and alienation (esp in the lost decade), and you're the one who suggested the novel. ;p i will def call soon and we can catch up on things. i am just so impressed by your awesomeness and the fact that you finished. go you!!
my monkied brainkatekat1010 on May 14th, 2009 01:37 pm (UTC)
dude i talk the talk but sometimes i don't walk the walk, and besides, you're smarter than me. AND it's NOT cheating if you get a bunch of help from me, it's called collaboration and we academics get to do it all the time. silly woman. anyway, give me a call (though try the home #, do you still have that? because i've been housing it lately instead of coffee shopping it).

are you done yet, btw?