my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

8 days of happy ( day 6 )

oh my god i am crap with doing this meme.  not that happy things don't happen, because they do, but apparently i have trouble keeping up with it.  So, for the last couple of days, happy:

  • i managed to talk about the metanarratives in wife swap when i taught class yesterday
  • friday i found out that university of chicago wanted me if i was willing to go there. (of course, this sent me into a 15 minute tailspin, but i am resolved on my LA destination, so it's all ok) flattering as hell though.
  • i have been reading wonderful fic in bits and pieces.  Revisited serious favorites like Living Conditions (S/X), and Snakes & Ladders (S/X), and new fics (to me) like Transposition (Duncan/Methos) (though wtf is up with highlanders not using lube? eek)
  • yesterday i took the day off from thesis writing to work on the weird science project (which, really, isn't taking a day off from the thesis so much as it's working on it in an entirely diferent way).  But playing with acrilic gels is FUN
  • my sisters actually seem to like me.  crazy world.  i took a risk and emailed them and ... they actually responded.  now i need to write back.  soon.
  • mechassninja wrote the cutest japanese essay about me in which she was far too flattering, but still... heee. 

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