my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

at the risk of starting a fire when i can't put it out

helllloooooooo! i have 3 more days until the thesis is due! I have .... a weeks worth of rewriting to do (at the least).

So instead of nattering on about rewrites or bemoaning my work habits or freaking right the hell out (or responding to comments, actually) I will give you something that totally amused me (but may, indeed, start a fire, but i don't care, I love it).

It's Twisty's amusing Law of Conservation of Human Dignity:

The Law of Conservation of Human Dignity, which states that, within a social order based on dominance and submission, the total amount of human dignity must remain constant. In other words, whenever women are treated with an iota of decency, a reciprocal diminishment of men’s humanity must obtain.

A consequence of this law is that whenever a girl gets to kick a soccer ball, somewhere a boy will be made to play with Barbies. Whenever a woman exercises sovereignty over the contents of her internal organs, somewhere a man will have to wear a frumpy 19th century calico dress and do the family laundry by hand. Whenever a woman publishes a paper on particle physics, somewhere a man will be waterboarded for a week before being shot by a firing squad of hairy humorless feminists. Etc. Ergo, the fact that a mysterious benefactor has given a few bucks to women’s education means that no colleges run by men will ever get any money ever again. [from iblamethepatriarchy]

And some of you may say to yourselves, 'oh no, not another radical feminist talking about things that just aren't true'. But some of you may see that this whole law seems to be behind some of the most "we're ok with women but we're not ok with...." dialogues that happen all the frigging time (case in point: most recent issue of Maxim that bemoans modern feminism in the US because it used to be all about guys finally getting to sleep with whoever they wanted and NOW it's turned all women into plastic mannequins who are interested in making money or being respected. Yes, they do actually say that.)

Happy tuesday beloved peoples.

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