my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

I'm Done!! And now it's time to do 50,000000000 other things

The finishing of the thesis has been accomplished! It was like giving birth to a baby. A whiny, comma-ridden, overwhelming, far too long, hopefully showing flashes of brilliance baby.

So, now that I've won the superbowl, what did I do?
  • Friday: went to a party w/the other grad students in my department and had a great time for about two hours until my energy gave out and Neil took me home.
  • Saturday: slept in, watched TV, took my family to see the new Star Trek movie, walked the dog
  • Sunday: slept in, mowed the lawn,  cleaned the kitchen and dinning room, went to the grocery store, walked the dog
  • Monday: slept in, cleaned out the email inboxes (ack! email!), cleaned the bathroom, started the laundry, and didn't walk the dog.

My brain is still fried from writing, so it all seems exciting to me. Exciting in a 'i don't have to be coherent about that' kind of way.  We're trying to get the house ready to put up for sale, so there is a to do list about 100 miles long, and at some point we're going to start packing the house up to put it in storage, so it doesn't seem like the house is as full as it is when it shows. Why yes, we have learned from watching HGTV way too much.  Oh, and I have a final art project type thing due on Sunday, plus a bunch of undergrads who are probably going to want grades at some point here. But I'm waiting until after the real estate agent drops by tomorrow before I get started on projects that will muck the house up.


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