my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

they full on attacked this morning

We had the carpets cleaned this morning and they got here early, we were not ready, and oh my god. They called from down the street to say they were on the way and I was standing naked in the bathroom brushing my teeth when Neil announced they were here and at the door. We shoved the animals in the bathrooms and traumatized them with banging noises while trying to get all of the small furniture in every room off the carpet. Neil made a four-foot-high lump in the middle of our bed by piling laundry and pillows and futons and stuffed animals all into one gigantic pile. The cat managed to leave a four-inch cut in D's collar bone because, while he may be cute, he's also incredibly strong and doesn't react well to crazy machines and half-asleep and freaked out guardians. It felt like a noisy war was being waged around us as they cleaned vents and dragged their hoses into the house to go over the carpets. Of course it was also pouring down rain, thunder and lightening making the whole process more ominous and much wetter. Even after they decamped we were left feeling somehow as if we'd been overrun, not helped. And the combination of our bad planning and their ruthless efficiency left us with wet floors for the next six hours and two people who are supposed to work from home in separate offices jammed into the dining room and kitchen with roughly 2/3rds of the living room in there with them.

Saying the day did not start out well was an understatement. We're still waiting for the bedroom floors to completely dry, but at least we've regained a sense of calm. It's been two days of this house-type madness since we had contractors here replacing the bathroom flooring and redoing the deck yesterday. But, even including the three separate trips I had to make to Home Depot, yesterday was nothing compared to the weird 'i'm not awake enough for this shit' terror of this morning.

The realitor returns tomorrow to (hopefully) tell us how much we're going to be able to sell this house for, I get to start packing the books that aren't in our bedroom and (hopefully) finish up some of the painting/touch ups. And then we'll be in the awful business of trying to sell the house while still living in it with a dog that sheds and an untidy cat.

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