my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

your totally random Giles quote for the night...

Buffy: Did you know about this?
Rupert Giles: No. Unless I blocked it from my memory, much as I will Xander's vigorous use of his tongue.
[Giles takes off his glasses and starts wiping them]
Buffy: Is that why you're always cleaning your glasses? So you don't have to see what we're doing?
Rupert Giles: Tell no one.

Not that I totally want to hide behind glasses over the last couple of days, because I don't.  Things have calmed down on the house front - instead of major emotional breakdowns there are minor grumbles, insignificant and quickly gotten over.  The house is almost in shape to show, and hopefully we've done such a wonderful job that we will put it on the market and it will be whipped up by someone who falls in love with it.  It is strange to live in a place where more than half of your stuff is sitting in the garage.  It feels practically empty, but it is definitely easier to clean.  It is strange that the things that make it 'our house' are not really the couches, or the bed, or the dining room table... but are instead the books and the curios and the little pieces we have collected here and there.  We'll find out tomorrow if we have to take down some of the paintings in the living room (they're nudes, and honestly I didn't even think about them being something a house-hunter might object to, but Neil wondered, and so the real estate agent will be over to offer his opinion).

I started working yesterday.  My summer job is the same as last summer, but this time I'm actually trying to stay within the 20 hours a week and not get carried away working on projects until all hours of the morning. 

Oh, and apparently I got the 'she's a woman' treatment at the place I took my car today - they called this afternoon and told me they were going to charge me double to redo my breaks.  Neil looked up their website and they're running specials they failed to inform me about.  Since they aren't finishing with my car until tomorrow I'm waiting until then to wander in with their website coupons.  Since they're pulling the 'we're mechanics, we can overcharge you' schtick, I'll be pulling the 'oh gee, i'm just a girl, i have all of these coupons I forgot to mention initially that mean I won't pay you the price you quoted me over the phone... sorry!' card tomorrow.  Hopefully it'll work. :D

And other than that and allergies, it is proving to be ... not so bad a week.

OH, AND summer_of_giles FINALLY STARTED!! YAY!

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