my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

big giant pile of steaming 'UGH'

my car was broken last night.  Not broken into, because I am an idiot and didn't lock it.  So, broken.  They apparantly watched too much TV because they tried to circumvent the steering wheel locking mechanism by breaking off the top of the key cylinder.  The only upside is that I'll get to get my driver's side door handle fixed in all of this mess.  And of course our insurance deductible is high enough that this is all out of pocket.

this is only made worse by the fact that i basically got ripped off yesterday by the auto repair shop I took my car to, to get the breaks fixed.  They doubled their advertised price for the breaks and I ended up having to pay it because they said I got a 'different kind' of breaks than the cheap ones they put on for the special.  And I couldn't get my car back until i paid them.

I just want to dump my car into the river and be done with it, but I need a car.

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