my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

/insert witty subject line here/

I think my brain is still on vacation. 

My car is mostly fixed, except I discovered that they didn't reconnect the wiring that lights up the dashboard at night.  Someday I'll schedule a trip back to the dealership to get it fixed.

The first possible buyer is going to see our house tomorrow!  And the cool part is that they're looking for an investment property (which means we might have a little bit more flexibility with our timelines if they like the house).  I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but how amazing would it be if we put the house up and the first person who looks at it buys it?

We made cupcakes yesterday because it is one of the few desserts we all three actually enjoy eating.  This whole baking thing (in retrospect, of course) meant that we felt we were finished with the house ... or as finished as we can be without moving all of our posessions into the garage.  Now only about 50% of our things are sitting out there (thus why my car is in the driveway).  It's frighteningly clean in the house right now, with nothing sitting on the counters and no dog toys on the floor.  And our bedroom, which is usually a hodge-podge of strewn clothes and books overflowing from the nightstands and desks and every other available surface, is now practically barrent.  The only thing I'm half-afraid of is that I'll start to really like this whole uber!clean look and want to keep it up.  It's too much work for normal people to keep up every day, I think.

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