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spring_with_xan redux: icons and picspam

So, in the rush of the end of the semester, the packing and the sellin of the house, I realized I hadn't posted my graphics for spring_with_xan in my own journal. Crazy huh? Yeah, not so much. But for those of you who weren't watching the comm (or those who want a second look) here are two posts with everything I did.

Starting with Icons...Oh Xander.  How I love your expressions.  Your rolled eyes.  Your chagrined grins.  Your long suffering looks of sheer terror (check out #15 of the 'couples' icons, you will see what I mean).


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11  12  13  14  15

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And THEN ... for last year's spring_with_xan I went back to my favorite Xander season (three) and picked out a bunch of my favorite moments. Sadly, I didn't actually get the chance to finish up the season last year. The bonus though? It means I got to finish it this year!  Behind the cut you'll find the dial-up unfriendly caps I've collected and messed with.

One thing I noticed was the fantastic set of sweaters that Xander paraded - there's the beautiful green one, the bright yellow one, my favorite -- the teal green/blue one - and the one he wore to prep for graduation day that has wonderful sparkly snowflakes!  Besides that, though, remember that Xander had to watch Cordy asking Wes out, got his face bashed in by evil!Angel (so not cool), reconnected with his love of cheerleaders, wore the sparkly wonderful green and red striped shirt while Buffy could read his mind, and traded it for a lovely beautiful blue one just so Larry and he could bond over their gayness (no, really, that's what happened in my world). 

Remember On-The-Road-reading Xander?  (SO CUTE)  The guy who almost sided with Wesley just because his Willow was going to be in danger.  OH, and HE WAS DOING SPELLS WITH OZ.  (sorry, my latent Xander/Oz love comes out...) 

And the man who not only took Anya to the prom (and suffered through it - oh my god look at those faces) but got her into the library to talk about the Ascension.  All while managing to make sure Cordy was wearing the prom dress of her dreams (I had to include that moment, because it is SO sweet and unspoken).  And who is a fantastic leader of the troops during graduation?  after some heavy studying in the library with Giles?  Xander is! 

And highschools, when they explode, sure are pretty.

all of these files are sharable - feel free to do with them what you like. If you do, please credit back to this post. Most of the screencaps came from thirdhex's buffy caps (if you'd like clean copies)

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