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reading list... try it, seriously

ok, first off, one of my all time favorite EVER WIPs just got a new update, so really, if you haven't read it before you should start now, even if you don't read WIPs, even if you don't read Spike/Xander, even if you don't read fanfic, and tell the author how you got swept up in its wonderful small imperfectness too:

And then, I spent most of the afternoon reading a Star Trek: Reboot Kirk/Spock called Breaking Point that was about two men whose weaknesses actually help shore each other up, and about a third man who sees way too much potential in them both and so makes things happen, and it was absolutely wonderful and plotty and kind of adorable and fun and most of all hopeful at the end.

And speaking of hopeful if you're ever going to venture into Buffy/Giles, you should really be aware that it can be done like glimmergirl does it in Love is an Evil Word because she does it well, she does it beautifully, and she somehow fixes Season 3 things that are broken with the delicacy of an architect who only works with dreams.

And finally here's a dirty, pithy (and yet nicely satisfying for a one-shot), adorable Merlin/Arthur fic by freudian_fuckup called Forgotten for Good that is not only hot but sweet with a slightly grumpy Merlin, a slightly snarling possessive Arthur, and even though they're in an a ... relationship, this is the big magic reveal and it's important and sweet and serious all at the same time.

Besides, you know you're bored, and you know you want to go read!

We were supposed to have roofers arrive here at 8 am to put on the much-needed and heart-poundingly expensive roof, but instead of showing they called to say they'll be here on Monday and possibly Tuesday instead.  Good because I slept in, bad because three of us are working from home right now, and having people laying roof above your head is not going to be a quiet process where you can make lots of phone calls.  Oh well.

I've been feeling nasty from something I think is probably allergies, but it's something that both Neil and I 'caught' within 12 hours of each other, so if it's blooming hopefully it will be done blooming soon.  The worst part was that I couldn't seem to get my brain to focus on anything for a decent length of time, and I kept waiting for the brain-fog to clear.  Yesterday I relented and took a claritin, which seems to have actually helped for a change.

Saw Up! last night and bawled like a sentimental fool three different times during the damn movie.  It was not the best piece of film I've ever seen, but it was cute and the animals definitely stole the show.  Someone (st_salieri? missmurchison?) had mentioned that Pixar is great except they make stories where the main character is male, and women are fixed in very traditional roles (absent, dead, love interest - but only that). I'd agree. And it's lame. Also saw the preview for the new Disney movie where they're doing the Frog Prince with an African-American princess set in New Orleans and threw up a little in my mouth from all of the lip-service they're paying to creating diverse characters while reinforcing the worst of stereotypes (guess who the bad guy is? a Voodoo master!) The sad part was that it made Mulan (which I still haven't actually seen) look like it was culturally sensitive.

Tonight lostgirlslair and The Fiance came over to indoctrinate us in the third installment of The Prophecy series, and it was highly entertaining (just like the other two - they were right!) and we got to talking horror movies and ghost stories and had a grand time.  Christopher Walken simply does not dissapoint.
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