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The countdown begins: 10 days till LA

So, so, so, so weird.  But we are moving in 10 days. 

If I repeat it over and over do you think it'll sink in?  We have a ton of packing that we have kind of half started (because we were getting the house ready to sell...), but at least half the arrangements are done for stuff like water and power and the all important internets.  Oh, and hotel reservations for our three-day trek across the southern US.

We've all started getting excited about the new apartment - how we're going to arrange it, what we think we should get to be prepared, if things are going to fit.

But the sad part is trying to remember that it's not just the weekend, it's our second to last weekend living in Austin.  Not that we don't think we'll come back here, but it'll be different.

There's this awesome theatre here called the Alamo Drafthouse, and strangely going to see movies there is a bit more of an event than elsewhere.

And I'm pleased with the movie.  I honestly don't remember what they changed or exactly what they left out, and they got the Dumbledore thing mostly right, I thought (well, actually, I thought they managed to make him more sympathetic than in the books, and I'm pleased by that).  It was much funnier than I expected, given the subject matter (which was weird because D. actually came out saying it was much darker than she was expecting... just goes to show you).  I have to say I adored every single moment Ron was on the screen, and every moment they showed Draco (and the way you get his story without having it explictly shown to you was nice, even if they did hit us over the head with the exposition at the end).

The only thing I was dissapointed by was the VERY end, when they're standing out on the turret (Harry, Hermione & Ron) and Harry basically says to Hermione that it was all for nothing, and she seems to be sad for a LITERAL second, then tells him not to snog Ginny in front of Ron.  And I think I might've been ok with it had one not come directly on the heels of the other, with no perceptable pause.  I realize they wanted to end the film on a cute note, since basically the story was recut to be the teen-romance focus (or 'isn't young love grand?') but ... that last switch gave me whiplash.

But hey, it's a minor complaint in what I felt was a generally decent movie.  And I'm glad I don't remember the books enough to have focused on the 'but...they didn't put that in' details.
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