my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

7 days and counting....

My brain is fried.  I think my body is fried too.  No one is packing at our house yet but me, and it rained tonight so I couldn't put my master plan / plea 'well, just take a half an hour and get some boxes in the pod' into place.

So yeah, freaking out?  I think that's me.  The funny part is that I'm trying to remember what the time frames were for our last couple of moves (you know, how we started packing, when we started packing, how long it took us to get everything together) and I honestly ... don't remember.  I kind of wonder if my brain blocked the memories because I've always been the one who's more agro about this whole process and it was too traumatic ....

The sad part of it is that I went to go back and look up what I was writing around the time we moved out to Austin (because moving across a city is NOTHING compared to moving across a couple of states), and sadly I didn't have an LJ then.  And my backups for my online blogger journal?  somewhere else.  Not worth finding.  Bleh.  Don't mind me, I'll be quietly freaking out in the corner somewhere.

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