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5 days ... tick, tock, tick, tock....

Let me tell you about my fabulous fabulous fabulous last meal out in Austin with my advisor ....
So last night was our last hurrah, and so we saw this German animated movie.

And then we went to Wing, spent from 8 pm - 11 having dinner, and I'll describe and let you decide:

For starter I had seared foie gras on crisp baby yukon, creamed white corn with black truffle. The foie gras was perfectly done, crisped on the outside and butter-soft on the inside, and the corn was the absolute perfect compliment, sweet and lovely. She had - white wine steamed pei mussels and mahi in spicy heirloom tomato broth with elephant garlic, that was piquant and spicy and garlicy and just that beautiful clean fresh mussel taste.

For main I had the duck breast with crispy polenta, roasted peaches and balsamic-honey emulsion... the duck was an absolutely beautiful medium rare, soft as a pillow and plentiful, although a little on the salty side unless I ate it with a mouthful of the peach... but dude, peach and duck is like the most perfect combination ever. The polenta was simply scrumptious with the duck, and really all the salt did was make me drink more wine, which really, wasn't bad at all. She had - roasted lamb rack on dancer eggplant, okra, & king trumpet sauté with celeriac remoulade, and the lamb was absolutely fragrant with spices and delcious (and I even ate an okra)

For dessert we shared an el rey chocolate cake (warm flourless chocolate cake made with ‘el rey’ chocolate and zinfandel infused cherries) which, needless to say, was mind-meltingly scrumptious

We took the pictures off the walls today, and packed them up in bubble wrap, and we're waiting for the chinese delivery. 

I packed most of my closet, so the clothes in the dirty laundry will be my wardrobe for the next week or so.  I can't believe the contents of my closet (including shoes) fit into one large and one medium box (not that it's a bad thing).

There's still a ton to do (kitchen, anyone?) but we have this weekend to do it all, and it will get done (heck, it has to get done).  It's a strange thing that we're sending 2/3rds of our stuff off in a POD that gets picked up on Tuesday, but we wont' actually get it back until the week after.  The bed goes in there, the couch, and we're planning on sitting on the papa-san and pillows very soon.  Bohemian living at it's best!
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