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28 July 2009 @ 09:23 am
Hello, and goodbye, for a bit  
It's our last full day in Austin!  We've managed (with the help of some very good friends -- LG & TF, you know who you are) to pack 90% of our house into a POD, we're sitting around with the TV on the ground and the computers on folding tables and clothes being put into garbage bags and Neil and I are running to pick up the Uhaul this morning so we can put everything that's left over in and drive into the wild blue yonder tomorrow.  The dog is having a grand time now that we have less furniture everywhere - she spreads her food, and has more places to chase the cat, and generally keeps looking at us like this is some amazing reorganization we did for her amusement.  It helps with perspective to have her grinning face looking up at us.

I'm not really looking forward to three days of driving, especially because I'm uncertain about how both dog and cat will do, but at least this time for part of it I'll get to have human-shaped company since D. is going to trade off from car to truck to car as she pleases.  BUT, we will do it.  Starting tomorrow morning, we drive from Austin to El Paso, then from there to Phoenix, then from there to LA!  Hopefully I won't have too much of an interruption in internet, but we shall see.  I don't really place any faith in Time Warner.

- wash dog
- wash car
- pack clothes for trip
- pack bathroom
- pack pantry
- get everything into the truck
- do AS reciepe book
- do couple of hours of research and create summary for Boss
- SOG arty stuff
- SOG post
- SOG final post
- Best Buy for travel music
- grocery store for road food
Elite Nerd Patrol, On Dutymechassninja on July 28th, 2009 04:57 pm (UTC)
hope everything goes alright on the drive. i actually rather like it....maybe it's a bit desolate, but it's really pretty in it's own way. ;p

glad to hear everything has basically gotten packed. we're still way behind over here, haha.

can't wait to be in the same state as you again ;)