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Since it's patently obvious to me that I didn't know some things about my flist (specifically that you guys are into more stuff than you talk about on your LJs), and since I realized my own commentaries don't often reflect my reading habits (particularly fannish ones, particularly now when I've gone far wider and further into other fandoms than I ever thought I would when I originally started reading Buffy-fic), I'm going to try my very best to actually link to some more things.  It's an interesting world we live in. 

And I ended up reading a little piece of meta about RPF (Real Person Fic) that I think comes pretty close to summarizing (near the end) why I feel more comfortable reading this stuff than I expected to.  Even if you're afraid of RPF you should check it out because the authoress is pretty damn entertaining (even if she says some things I don't agree with 100% either).  Mainly, though, I enjoyed the way she talks about the identities of 'real' celebrities as being constructed, and it's those constructions that end up in fic.

Of course, I ended up over there because I was reading her not half bad Adam/Kris/Katy fic Bingo (Adult, ADULT, read the warnings)

And if you want to keep on the fan fiction side of fiction and haven't read glimmergirl's Sense Memory (fandom: Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, FRM) READ, because it's beautiful and sweet and I just wanted to curl up next to it and pet both of the boys.

Also, for those of you playing in the Merlin fandom and who are part of the bbc_merlin_news comm, what's up with all the fic? is it all kink meme responses?
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