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hello work!  I didn't miss you.  I spent most of the day alternating between getting my self in order (laundry, how I hate you), and reading all the wrong passages in Edward Said's Orientalism.  Which, really, if you do area studies of any kind or anything having to do with the West's fascination with and study of the 'East' you should read.

Then, after spending 3 hours reading the forward, the end, and the afterward, I discovered that I was supposed to only read chapter one.  Guess I've forgotten the simple instructions - read the syllabus.

I did, however, break to go to a department mixer thing, where I discovered that there are lots of MA students doing International Relations (which I find just about as interesting as watching rocks turn into sand), and one woman who is doing Art history who used to work at LACMA.  That is a cool job if I've ever heard of one.  Maybe I should do art history?  too late now.

That being said I'm pretty buried with things not yet done (hello Japanese, hello reading for New Media Literacies, hello response papers for all three classes), and it's Neil's birthday this weekend so we'll see how that all works out. 

So I guess this is the obligatory 'i think i will be buried under a  rock for the forseeable future' post (which is usually followed by a graphics post because I freak out about the overload and retreat into pretty pictures, but I haven't started yet, so that may be a week or so out, we'll see).  I love you guys.  Even if I'm not responding to your posts.
Tags: phd program, random whittering

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