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to everyone who took my silly poll yesterday!  I managed to get laundry done, and get started on the first set of homework, and (as those of you who want to read it know) managed to get some notes for my lit reading done as well). 

And the house is clean!  Which is really quite good because Neil's parents are flying their way down here as we speak.  It's their annaversary, so they're coming to visit for a little vacation and to see our new digs.  Which, if I don't say myself, are looking pretty nice at the moment.  Two days of cleaning will do that to a house.

It's not much easier cleaning the apartment than it was cleaning the house, but things get dirty differently.  For example: it's much dusteier here. In part because we have the windows open all the time, and the house in Austin was a hermetically sealed box (air conditioning in the summer and heater in the winter).  In part because I do think there's more dust in the air in LA.  Even if the skies are blue if you look straight up.

Tonight we'll be playing Beatles Rock band and enjoying the fruits of an expidition to the Farmer's Market (at 3rd & Fairfax).  And I'm looking foward to the weekend.  Tomorrow night there will be fine dinning, although I'm not remembering the restaurant right now, I'll give a report tomorrow night.  And Sunday there will be brunch and then lots and lots of homework for me, YAY!

I completely forgot to mention that my Mom's visit was a blast. She got here on thursday and after some making sure the sick housemate was doin better (yes, I do get my mom habits from my MOM!) we watched a movie and got take out.  And Friday was awesome - we went to our favorite hairstylist so mom could get a haircut (because he does my hair, Neil's hair, and mom's hair!) and she came out looking 10 years younger.  We went to LACMA to see their exhibition of contemporary South Korean Artists and I completely fell in love with this one guy who was reimagining blank public spaces.  Here, from LACMA press release:

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art presents the first major museum exhibition in the continental United States in almost two decades to focus on contemporary art from South Korea. Organized by LACMA and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH), Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists from Korea features a generation of artists who have emerged since the mid-1980s—some well-known and others on the brink of such recognition—all of whom work on the cutting-edge of international art trends and within a distinctly Korean context: Bahc Yiso, Choi Jeong-Hwa, Gimhongsok, Jeon Joonho, Kim Beom, Kimsooja, Koo Jeong-A, Minouk Lim, Jooyeon Park, Do Ho Suh, Haegue Yang and the collaborative, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. Your Bright Future (a deliberately ambiguous title taken from a sculpture by Bahc Yiso) will represent each artist through a large-scale installation or substantial body of work, including site-specific installations, video art, computer animation, and sculpture.

It was so good that we actually went down before lunch, had lunch with M and her adorable daughter A, and then went back!

I love museuming with my mom because she just LOVES art, no matter if it's from 3rd century or 23rd (kidding, really).  Oh, and they had just opened the 'interactive' room as part of the permanent Korean collection there, which meant we got to use thick brushes to try and make some Korean-, Chinese-, or Japanese-inspired 'art'.  Mom did a mountain scene (her mountains were WAY better than mine) and I did an Iris.

Yes, we are crafty girls.

Saturday we met Maija at the dog park, and luckily the dog had a fantastic time.  That night we went out for the Japanese take on Korean bbq.  It's called Yakiniku 焼肉 and basically you have a charcoal grill at your table and they bring you small plates of things to roast over it.  They even had an entire tofu selection for our resident vegitarian.  And SMORES for dessert!

Sadly sunday came and mom had to go home, but it was a fantastic visit and so cool to actually see her without it being a 5 hour plane flight for her to do so.
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