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fandomy link post of fun and joy (and a heck of a horoscope)

Ok, first off, if you missed the posts about LJ turning off media embedding for a while (it's back on now, but it was because of an attack), you may want to check your privacy settings on old posts and make sure they're correct.  Check news for more info [ here's a link to the direct post ]

wesleysgirl and janedavitt wrote an absolutely beautiful addition to their Act of Nature verse (Giles/Xander, Adult) called To Have and To Hold, and they asked me if I'd do a banner for it, so ... I did! check the entire thing out here (and leave feedback for the authoresses here)

If you haven't already seen it, cmk418 is asking prompts for the Giles/Xander Fabulous Fall Fest right here. The idea is that you prompt up to 10 things you'd like to see (from Gen to NC17, from art to icons to whatever) and then pick and choose from the prompts there and do some of them to make happy-fun-Giles/Xander time!

and i was gonna do more with some Merlin links, but ... it is bedtime!

My horoscope for this week (and for all you other libras):

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): This is an excellent time to celebrate the pleasures of emptiness . . . to extol the virtues of the blank slate . . . to be open to endless possibilities but committed to none . . . to bask in the freedom of not having to be anything, anyone, or anywhere. Are you smart enough to need no motto to live by? Are you resourceful enough to rely on nothing but the raw truth of the present moment? If so, you will thrive in the coming days.
Tags: *pairing: giles/xander, pimp, psa, recs

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