my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Shit on a shingle, or, how my summer vacation abruptly ended.

I did the stupidest, most bone-headed, idiotic thing I could've done, ever. I thought summer school started next Monday, the 6th.

It didn't. It started this Thursday, June 2nd.

In an accelerated summer language class, I've now missed the first two days.

And I didn't find out about this because I looked at a calendar. Oh no. I found out because my thoughtful professor emailed me this afternoon asking if I was planning on dropping the class since I'd never showed up. Dear gods. I am an idiot. Yes, I am.

Sadly, the confusion stems from me, thinking that the final date for payment for summer classes (the date the Financial Aid website had) was the same date as when classes started. Yep, that's right, I was getting my date from Financial Aid. I should've known not to trust 'em.

So I got this lovely little note, because Japanese teachers everywhere are always so sweet, asking me if I planned on dropping because there were people on the wait list who would like to get in. And I dropped everything to email the professor back and to go visit her and to abase myself and bow as often and as badly as I could in the hopes that she won't secretly hate me for wasting her time.

Dear gods, what the hell was I thinking?? School never starts on a logical day like a Monday. That in itself should've told me my date was wrong. Classes always start on a Wednesday or a Thursday, to screw you out of that last weekend of relaxation.

I hope I haven't earned her eternal enmity. I hope I can catch up. I hope that my head doesn't explode on Monday.

I hope.

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