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listing the good things

Once again this is me copying one of mireille719's good ideas (sorry Mir, you have good ideas, I can't help it!).  And since it's been a while since I've done a public post, I'm going for 10 to cover the last week or so.

  1. It was my 15th anniversary with the most wonderful man in the world on Saturday.  15 years.  And the best part?  We decided we're going to hang around each other for another 15! :D
  2. I got taken out for said 15th anniversary to a cute little bistro down the street and had a fantastic dinner with my boyfriend.
  3. I started acupuncture on Monday and LOVE the needling.  It is helping me mitigate the effects of stopping smoking, along with the pharmacopoeia of chinese herbs my friend Maija gave me to help regulate, detox, and go with the flow.  Anyone needs treatment in the LA area, I have a fabu doctor for you.
  4. Getting to see my friend Maija every night this week.  The acupuncture is an awesome excuse to enjoy her company
  5. I got a B- on my Japanese midterm!  Which is happy-making for me since I made some rookie mistakes and was worried about getting a C.
  6. My dog is getting cuddlier.  You ask how can that be?  Well, since she was adopted and a pound puppie we're pretty sure she was abused in her former life (she reacts really badly to a fly swatter... even if you put it on a table).  Anyway, she's always been a little stand-offish except for belly rubs.  But in the last three weeks or so she's hopped up onto the couch or the ottoman and stuck her head in my or Neil's lap.  It's awesome.
  7. I ran for two blocks last night without keeling over after.  (I can only make it for two blocks because I ran with the dog, and she doesn't go for that 'jog' level but only for *full-out-run-as-fast-as-you-can-like-a-little-kid* kind of running.  Two blocks like that is a feat for me)
  8. I dyed my fur!  Very dark purple red-brown.  I LOVE this color on me.
  9. My roommate from college (and all around awesomesauce woman) is coming to stay with us this weekend for a visit.  I can't wait to see her.
  10. There was absolutely no imploding today.  And there is the possibility that there will be no imploding tomorrow.  Yay!
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