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26 October 2009 @ 10:52 pm
I had this theory back in Austin that an MA was easier than a PhD, and that as an MA I had more goof around time than I would in the future.

Theory:  confirmed.

The short and skinny things I did well Sunday night & Monday day:
  1. Created a project for the New Media Literacy class that is significantly longer than others (and hopefully instructive, we'll see when the grade rolls in) and at least partially interesting (so that's something) from scratch on Sunday.
  2. Struggled with the damn interface for said project but DID NOT GIVE UP.  Kate = 1, Interface = 0
  3. Finished the reading for the Intro class, and opted out of the paper (it's called conservation of energy)
  4. Corrected my Japanese 'speech' (and yes, it did take me until 4 am to get 1-4 finished)
  5. Got up for class today and even managed to study through the kanji quiz
  6. Did not lose my shit when attempting to use the library printers (even though the first printer was out of service, the second printer went out of service while the guy in front of me was attempting to use it, and the third printer was actually the librarian office printer)
  7. Had a conversation I was supposed to have last week (because EB & LG both spent hours last week pumping me up for it) and said some of what I needed to say. The really important stuff.
  8. Proofread my damn NML project one more time to fix all the errors.
  9. Am studying for the Japanese test tomorrow.
  10. Set a deadline for myself (and emailed it to the professor) of two assignments that need to be done by end of semester
Things I don't look forward to that are coming up:
  1. writing the 5-7 page film analysis mid-term paper tomorrow
  2. reading Otaku: the Database Animals and writing a film review of it by next Monday
  3. having class, a conversation meeting, a therapy appointment and a lecture (that I think I may have already seen at UT) all scheduled for Thursday (but I will be going to them all anyway)
  4. having to get my ass in gear about the end of the semester since it's basically a month away and I have two research papers due.  Oh and a Japanese final and speech and ACK.
  5. A second day at fall_for_sx that I have not prepared any graphics for

The work is mounting.
Elite Nerd Patrol, On Duty: shcoolmechassninja on October 27th, 2009 03:18 am (UTC)
i totally feel you. i am like 目が回るほど忙しい but somehow have to kick it up a notch to get all the end-of-semester-shit done. and come up with my *actual* thesis topic so i can turn in the paperwork in a week and a half (and i'm still missing two out of three committee members...clearly i'm on top of this.....).;p

if we make it through this, (which i'm sure you will, at least, hehe) we totally need to plan a visit. christmas break? our breaks should be exactly the same, right?