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5 words meme

from mishloran:

Post a comment asking for words! I'll post 5 words that remind me of you. You then make a blog post with those words and explaining them.

puppy - OH PUPPY!  It's funny because for most of my life I would have said I was a cat person, predominately, and yet now?  I love my dog.  I love her so much it's kind of amazingly weird.  I think part of it was that I was really ready for a dog when we got Domino.  Really ready.  My whining about walking her enough aside, the undivided and constant happy love that my dog offers is one of the most amazing things in the world.  I think the other part of it is that when Felix died, she was such an indescribably wonderful cat that she kinda ruined me for all others for a long while. But it's also that I feel like I understand most of Domino's impulses.  (it's not like she's a brain surgeon, but I've had some discussions with Neil and D about what she's thinking and we have different opinions).  We're not totally similar (she's afraid of people, she wants to run way more than I do, and she sheds more hair than me), but I feel like I know what's going on with her, and I adore her.  And she gets more cuddly by the minute.  It's fantastic.

dedication - wow.  That's a word I'm kind of surprised by, but also kind of honored to have! (thanks Mish)  I kind of think I'm more on the stubborn side than dedicated, but then again it is taking me an awfully long time to get through grad school. :D  I also think I tend to have a big burst of energy at the beginning of a project or something and have a bunch of trouble finishing it up -- so I consistently work hard on getting through all the way to the complete end.  Then again, dedication is trying hard?  And I certainly do put a ton of energy into a lot of things.

artistic (girl got talent!) - LOL.  You are TOO sweet on this one, too, Mish. Although I will say growing up with a mom who was an artist working in dozens of kinds of media (from cloth sculptures, to clay, to acrylic, to plants, to singing to ... yeah, you name it) I was always delighted by being able to make things.  There's something really cool about having an image in your head and seeing if you can get it out somehow.  And I love the zen of making computer art - lostgirlslair and I have had this running conversation about how when you're making graphics the world can fall away and there's a lovely quiet. Just the image and the layers that go into it. Gah, I miss playing. I haven't had the time lately (or the brain space - because even though there's a lovely zen about it, if I'm too tired everything just looks like shit).

Texas - HA! Especially because I'm not living in the state anymore. I am surprised I liked Texas so much. I'm doubly surprised when I think about it now. Austin was a great city to live in (even though sometimes I hated being so disconnected, and by the time we moved out parts of me were really ready to leave). But I get more nostalgic about it now than I ever thought I would. Like today, I had to call UT's Health Services today to get my medical records sent to school, and just getting on the phone with someone from Austin ... made me nostalgic. They don't hurry things, and they're not sharp, and even though she basically directed me to downloading a form she was just ... sweet. Something about that Texas charm.... and I hope that I brought a little bit of that back to Cali with me but it's much easier to speed up and be curt (not rude, just quick) than I thought it would be.

language - oh language. How I struggle with you. Formulating words into sentences- it's harder than you think. And the Japanese? well, someday I hope that I'll master it enough to read. I go through waves of time where I'm feeling more competent than others, and study it a lot more than I thought I'd ever study anything in my life. And still I could stand to do more. gah.

Those were my words.  Now it's your turn.
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