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I'm sure it's unpopular with a large segment of the American populace, but I'm kinda looking at North Korea and smiling in their general direction. OK, before you freak out, no, I don't know much about North Korea, except what's shown up in James Bond films and other random non-educational sources of entertainment. So I'm not really sure exactly what their take on the world is. Ok, I have admittedly vague memories of atrocties and I believe something called the Korean War happened there, but it's all lost in a cloud of playstation and the OC.

The only things I'm mostly sure of is they picked a position and stuck with it today - and even if it does seem like a case of the little daschund trying to pick a fight with the pitbull, they're actually telling the US to go screw itself (well, or telling us we have to deal with them one on one and we can't legislate their nuclear activities).

It doesn't seem like that happens often enough. I mean, why should we be one of the few countries that gets to continue to make our own nuclear bombs? And why should we require that no other countries manufacture them? Double standard? Indeed.

Note: Want to read a little bit more about it? Check out this little summary from Amy's Robot
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