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Graphics Offer: Movie Posters....favorite fics edition [closed]

[queue closed]

Ok, so I've just thought of a project and we'll see if it takes off.  I'd like to do some Buffy/Giles movie posters.  I'd love to do some Giles/Spike movie posters.  I'd love to work with any pairing, and in fandoms I'm not totally familiar with. And hmm, maybe some others.  In the past I've offered these to the authors -- now I'm offering them to ... non authors & authors.

Sound weird?  Let me clarify:

Comment with 1 of your favorite fics.  It can be one you've written or one that someone ELSE has written.  I'll make movie posters for them for the holidays (probably xmas holidays, but holidays nonetheless).  They don't have to be new.  They don't have to be old.  I'll definitely post them before xmas so if you want to consider it a comission for a friend whose fic you love, it can be a surprise present from both of us.

The only thing I do ask is that the fic be finished - because I pretty much read the entire work and I have lots of trouble reading WIPs.

a) title of fic
b) writer's name
c) link to fic
d) if you think you know a good tag-line, sure!  [again, i may use, may not]
e) short summary (couple of sentences)
[queue closed]
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