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Thankfulness. And a picspam.

I'm thankful for...

I'm thankful for my flist.  Even when I don't have the brain space to respond, I still deeply and truly appreciate the support from you guys because it reminds me I'm not [crazy/spazzy/selfish/whiny/pick adjective and insert here]. 

I'm also thankful for my flist because you guys are absolutely wonderful, smart, kind and generous people that I'm glad to count as friends.

I'm thankful for my current life path - seriously thankful that every week I have to  challenge myself, dig into something that I care about, whether it's learning language or reading theory or doing the classroom discussion thing.  I care about this stuff, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to do it.

I'm thankful for the family I don't live with: my dad and stepmom, who never fail to make me smile when I'm on the phone with them these days, my mom who keeps surprising me with how awesome she is in so many ways even though I should have kind of learned that lesson by now, my friends, who hop on the phone with me at all hours (or skype for that matter), who grab me for roller-girl outings and lunches, who ask me to house sit so i have a quiet space to myself outside of my usual world, and who are generally all around awesome people.

I'm thankful for my adorable, sometimes annoying but ultimately overwhelmingly awesome dog, who makes me smile in myriad ways every day.

and I'm thankful for the family I do live with.  Regardless of how bumpy or crazy or stupid it gets, i'm glad they're in my life. 

and finally I'm thankful for Neil, who truly listens to me, and who I hope I can always remember to listen to.  Who is kind of spectacular when he puts his mind to it.

And now, my pretty pretty turkey day!  We went to the Long Beach Aquarium yesterday (and let me tell you, if you ever want to ditch crowds, GO ON A HOLIDAY.  It was FANTASTIC!  Even though there were some families, there was basically no one there, and we got to linger on exhibits, goof around with everything as long as we wanted, and didn't have to fight to watch any fish.  We took our cameras just in case, and even though it's through the glass, I think I got some decent pictures.  Afterwards we went to a spanish tapas restaurant and had nummy little plates of food until we were stuffed.  The massive plus? No dishes.  And we even had leftovers from dinner!  While they may not make the best turkey sandwiches, manchego cheese garlic mashed potatoes?  MMMMM.

one of the 'big fish' tanks at the beginning - i think it had cold water fish...and you can see Neil & D there too.

pretty anemone

I think that's D's hand taking a picture, but there's also a sea horse there

more anemone

they had lots of shark eggs, which were really cool because ... did you know that shark eggs take up to a year to gestate?  i have not watched enough of shark week and probably everyone else knows this stuff but me.

more anemone (actual size though ... so cute!)

we caught the sea lion show

me with a lorikeet!  they have this awesome atrium set up where you can buy a cup of nectar and all the lorikeets will come and sit on you to drink it. That red one was mean though - it shooed everyone else away from me so it could drink its fill.

one of the little guys at the end of the walk - they were SO colorful!  And loud!

silver fish.  Actually not named silver fish, but I do not remember their names.  I fail at this whole thing.

jellyfish!!  They were SO COOL.

and of course, spider crab.  Who decided these looked edible?

a little blue fish in front of an exhibit of 'dying coral reefs' - sad exhibit, cute fish.

clown fish!  I loved this tank.

more clown fish!  and amusingly, glass scratches!

now this guy was in the lethal fish tank ... want to guess he's not pettable?

i adored these little spiny fish.

more sea horses, of course!!

our favorite fish of the day - a weedy sea horse!!  isn't it the cutest?!

a slightly blurred, but almost in focus close up on the weedy sea horse

the three of us, after we got home, totally tired and well fed, but having had a great day.

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