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My Graphic Resources

My deepest thanks go to the following people, creative and talented in their own right:

.: screencappers/image archives :.

Lady Elayne Art (lady_elayne_art)
Still Flying (Firefly)
The Institute (Torchwood)
caps by mouthfullofdust (thirdhex)
dusk till dawn ats&btvs gallery
psychoadept (psychoadept)
buffy screencaps
bitable icon challenges (biteable_icons)
Screencap Paradise
Faith Solace
Cap It/Buffy (cap_it)
my own caps

.: non-btvs/other resource sites :.

male submission art
derek's tumbles
male editorials (maleeditorials)
gaut fonts
stock exchange
foto_decadent (foto_decadent )
fonts from misprinted type
Icon Tutorial (icon_tutorial)
xupacabras blog
provocateuse images
My icon memories

.: action set :.

AWMP (from her Icon Resources Journal) (awmp )

.: brushes/textures :.

cellardooricons (cellardooricons,
fractured sanity,
Hybrid Genesis (inxsomniax),
Magic box,
Oxoniensis Art,
Drave, (drave)
Gender (dearest)
77words (77words)
Quebelly (quebelly)
Subvintage (marx)
Scarsonchest (scarsonchest)
Joni (_joni)
Brunos Honeypot
Deco. brushes by Many Missgivings (here_after)
Swirling brushes by Claire (cosmo_mouse)
Random brushes by Alana (myrasis)
Pretty box brushes by Diversion (_diversion
Grand Frames by realtanala (endlessdeep)
Paperstrips and large texture by Severusslave (severusslave)
Texturs and tutorials by G_A_Fantic (g_a_fanatik )

Designer's note:
If you think I may have one of your graphics/designs/screencaps and your name is not included here, please comment and I'll be happy to add. No ommission is intentional. It's simply that I started compiling this list as soon as I realized I was going to actually show my icons to other people, but that was about six months after I'd been playing around in the community.

.:. .:. .:.
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