my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

really? i post that little? (and year in review meme)

It's pathetic how little I post.  I feel like I post all the time.  Why doesn't my brain automatically update livejournal?  I'm going to redux-post graphics tomorrow just because I feel guilty.  I've been spending time writing though, so it's not all in vain, it's just going somewhere else.  And I suppose that's really not terribly entertaining to read about - that I'm still doing my homework.

We're going to get our christmas tree tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to the smell of the evergreen in the living room.  I finally got myself together and started figuring out christmas presents (I think it's actually earlier than usual for me).

Other than than I've been huddling under blankets because it's cold and rainy (although nothing like most of the weather you guys are experiencing, our apartment is just drafty), finally getting over the last of my cold, I think, after an endless number of cups of tea. 

well enough of all that excitement!  I'm copying from ... well ... everyone.  But I'm taking both the post title and first line, because I like my titles better.

JAN:  artwork post: nonsharable holiday graphics / For the holidays this year I put together a couple of graphics for many of my favorite people.

FEB:  what do you do when you can't cut your doll head open? / you decide you'll knock it's head off.

MAR:  THE WORLD'S MOST CRACKTASTIC HOMEWORK / Ok, I assume I'm violating some sort of educational rule by sharing this all with you, but I honestly can't stand not.

APR:  state of the kate / Monday was, to quote, "A rare and historic occasion, bringing critics AZUMA Hiroki and MIYADAI Shinji together in dialogue with North American scholars for the first time outside of Japan."

MAY:  it's official, i am a lemming / a lemming with a dreamwidth account: (thanks to entrenous88 thanks darling!)

JUN:  your totally random Giles quote for the night... / Buffy: Did you know about this?

JUL:  summer_of_giles redux: icons, banners, walls, layouts / It's that time... just in case you missed some of my Summer of Giles posts (and because I like to have everything in my journal anyway), here's the first of two posts of everything I've put up so far.

AUG:  TEXANS NO LONGER! The saga, the update, the new world / After three days of drive, drive, drive we arrived on a sunny afternoon in the wilds of LA.

SEP:  a horoscope ... / possibly a needed one?

OCT:  flying.... time / It was just last week and I kept meaning to post something then, and now it's already the next week and here I am on Saturday again thinking .... oh, i'll just post later.

NOV:  hi journal land / *peeks out from behind the rock of life*

DEC:  my horoscope. I am totally amused / An estuary is a bay where the salt water of a sea mixes with the fresh water of rivers.
Tags: randomness and memage

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