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greetings from the wilds of sacramento!

hi all - I'm visiting family up state for the next couple of days. The good part is that they finally liberated themselves from dial up! The bad part is that they only have the router plugged into the house computer, no wireless, and the neighborhood is a positive sink hole of any telecommunication connection. So I'll be checking in, but not actually, you know, online.

The best part is that the world refocused for me. At least at the moment, I feel like I'm letting go of a lot of the things I convince myself are terribly important, and I'm being reminded of the things that are *actually* important. If that wasn't the most annoying and slightly cloying sentence, I don't know what is.

I woke up this morning to help my little sister rewrite her paper on moral tolerance, and it was far more difficult than I expected. Do you know what moral tolerance is? If you do, tell me? She ended up writing a paper on the slippage between society and personal morals, so that tells you how much she understood it either. I'm not built for comparative morality classes.

And then I got a pedicure with my sister, and we did what ladies do during pedicures - we talked and giggled and caught up. This evening my nephew ran me to Macy's to do more last minute shopping (which is amusing because he introduced me to the death metal bands he likes on the way -- and he's become a total death metal devote in the last year, which I find kind of adorable. Yes, adorable. Even if he does own all of Cannibal Corpse's albums). My stepmom made us dinner in a single pot (her specialty, sort of), and I walked down the street to see my other nephew's house. He teaches Japanese to high school kids, and I kind of wish I had him as a Japanese teacher. He's funny, and goofy, and he loves teaching. We talked random Japanese crap until my other nephew (his brother and housemate) got home.

Tomorrow I'm off to see my aunt's (newish) house, and visit my grandma. There's a lot of family around here. They're all kind of awesome.

ETA: If you haven't read them yet (and really, why haven't you), PLEASE GO AND READ THE AWESOME that is:

cordelianne's Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time) S/X
Because it is PERFECT Xander voice and hot and silly with zombies!

savoytruffle's Twelve Days of Porn Kirk/McKoy Star Trek Reboot
Because it is porny and hot and crazy and just lovely.... and it is only day three!
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