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It may have been a turbulent flight last night (all the hot air kept us bipping and bopping all over the sky.... they didn't even give us drinks), but we made it safely back in time to say goodbye to D (she left early this morning to visit her other relatives for xmas), and to collapse after our not terribly long but kind of lovely busy day.

things I missed:

1) my boyfriend. yep, I'm a SAP. Especially around this time of year. But I like the guy. He smells good. He's thoughtful. He's cute. He's funny.
2) my dog. PUPPY! seriously, I practically rolled around on the floor with her. She was almost as happy to see me as I was to see her.
3) my apartment. I LIKE my space. It may be a little rough around the edges, and not totally organized well, and have lots of dog hair in it, but ... it's comfortable, it's squishy, and it's kind of awesome.

I could go on, but enough gushing.

I can't believe I had the hubris to do this, but my mom and I visited with my gradeschool music teacher (she's the one who cast me in the lead in our Nutcracker Play in 5th grade.... and I got to do the HMS Pinafore too) and I pretty much talked about myself the entire time.  It's funny because they probably remember me far more clearly than I remember them.  After all, I was a kid, consumed with my own obsessions then (like if Jenni Felte was going to go out with Matt or Bryan ... I lived vicariously through my best friend).  And so she wanted to know everything that had happened in the last umpteen years.  I actually (at least according to my mom) did a credible job of filling in the gap.  It's weird to see my life as a trajectory that actually kind of fits at the moment, but ... it is. 

Regardless, we had a lovely visit.  She and her husband are now doing organic farming (they have a little plot of land with raised beds.... absolutely beautiful).  She even gave me a signed copy of her cookbook (which contains four generations of family recipes).

The christmas luncheon we were supposed to go to turned out to be scheduled for after 3 pm (and we both needed to pack after 1:30), and so to make up for it we went out with my mom's friend for the best hamburgers in the county.  Diet, schmiet.

Today has been a day of ... well, we attempted to buy presents, we really did.  We ended up getting a ton of cheese (5 different kinds) at the Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, got coffee (to, of course, mainline intravenously through the entire holiday experience), and tried to purchase useful things at Target & Best Buy.  Sadly, the thing I wanted at Best Buy, that I'd actually seen a week ago, was entirely sold out.  And by the time we made it through the crowds and the traffic and the traffic and the CROWDS and... the rest of it ... I collapsed at home and refused to go anywhere else.  Luckily my mom is flexible and agreed with me.

Tomorrow we're off to do even more shopping (those last minute purchases are the most important, really!) and to buy food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner.

I hope all of you are having fun, smiling, or generally enjoying your evenings in some way....I'm pooped but I'm happy with mine :D
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