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Konnichi Wa!

Mainichi gozen shichi-ji han ni okimasu. Asagohan o tabemasu. Nihongo o benkyoo shimasu. Gozen ju-ji ni Nihongo o kurasu. Nihongo o benkyoo shimasu. With Neil Sabrina wa terebi o mimasu. Nihongo o benkyoo shimasu. Gogo ku-ji goro bangohan o tabemasu. Nihongo o benkyoo shimasu. LJ o yomimasu. Nihongo o benkyoshimasu. Gogo ju-ni-ji ne nemasu.

Yoko Nihongo o benkyoo shimasu.


Subject: Good afternoon!

Everyday I get up at 7:30 am. I eat breakfast. I study Japanese. At 10 am I go to my Japanese class. I study Japanese. I watch Sabrina on the television with Neil. I study Japanese. At about 9 pm I eat dinner. I study Japanese. At midnight I go to bed.

I study Japanese all the time.

HELP! I really wanted to learn this, but I don't think I quite realized what I was in for. I do now. Every day packs 3 days into one. There are words and words and more words. I did the above just to test and see if I could (we learned schedules today). I did! But eeep. All will be quiet from my corner of the world until I get a handle on this. Or, until I crack and need some space to vent.

Neil's pappa and friend are visiting this weekend, so last night I did the "must clean house so they don't think we're total wastes of skin" cleaning of the house. Neil, unfortunately, wasn't much help. He was determined to do as little as possible, and even though I cajoled more out of him than he was prepared for, he still won't hang the pictures in his office. We've lived here six months and apparantly he doesn't think it's worth it to look at things he likes. Yes, I know I'm being bitchy. White walls bug the shit out of me, and I'm edgy from not speaking in my own language and having a parental visit pending. EEEP.

Going now. It's really not as desperate as it sounds. Especially now that the house is clean. Yes, I am a type-A personality.
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