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Yuletide Recs!

Now that I'm considering myself more of a multifandom girl, I'm quite enjoying Yuletide fics, which are all pretty awesome in their wonderfulness. And I have some recs (pre reveal). It's kind of weird to go "oh, hey, those books were great! and yes! fanfic!" but glancing down the list that's kind of what I've done....

Make a Home, Invite You In Tony/Lee (Tanya Huff's Blood/Smokes series)
Great mystery element, but the best part is the back and forth of the Tony/Lee relationship, with some Henry thrown in for good measure. It's really quite cute and nabbed me from the very first second, and I read with a smile on my face the entire time. They start out house hunting, but find a little trouble in the process, and I kind of adore all of the interactions between not just Tony & Lee (although I love those too) but also between the two and all the other characters.

They Come In Threes Kris/Adam + Merlin
Adorable mixed-up mash up of Merlin being stuck in a bottle by the dragon and Adam getting him as his horribly bad not very good genie. It all works out in the end though, which makes me totally happy (and besides, the author manages to draw decent parallels between Merlin/Arthur & Kris/Adam, which is kind of amusing). It made me grin the entire way through it.

If on a Yuletide Morn, a reader not bad If on a winter's night a traveler fic.... Really well captured Calivino tone, if you like that kind of thing. REALLY kind of awesome.

kind of insane kris/adam where adam's an angel.... yes, a jewish angel.

really hot and lovely Vanyel/Lendel from the Valdemar series (first time)

cute (although not much of a mystery) Tony/Lee (Tanya Huff's Blood/Smokes series)

really adorable Bradley/Colin (Merlin) with the line "Bradley wants to just kiss him right there - to taste the joy right off his mouth - " just stunning.

pranking Bradley/Colin one-upping-each other into love/a relationship

To a Place we Never Kept Vince/Eric - Entourage
Pre-series road trip of the boys from Jersey to CA. I honestly don't remember if it does a good job fitting in with cannon or not (having seen the series but not looked at it with fandom eyes at the time), but I really love the tone of this fic. For some reason Entourage fics seem to have an awesome banter/guys messing with each other/easy kind of tone, and then they also happen to have two best friends who have grown up in each other's pockets ending up together (ish). This one doesn't disappoint.
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