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More 'recs' (some are yuletide, some are not.... )

What Eli and Oskar Do on their (first) summer vacation (Let the right one in)
Authoress did such a lovely job of capturing Oskar's innocence and confidence, his certainty now that he has Eli, no matter how exactly they're going to keep having each other.  I love that he's the one who is rewriting traditions for her, seeing birthdays and celebrations and reasons to go on that are more than drudgery and duty.  It's interesting because I'd always assumed Håkan was a little boy once who fell in love with Eli, and then grew up, and so part of the chilling thing with Oskar is that he is part of a cycle for her -- but the authoress turns that on it's head and creates something that has the same eerie transcendent power as the movie. 

I can't turn this around (Kris/Adam, AI season 8)
I can't decide if I like this one or not because Adam has amnesia and forgets Kris, his best friend.  I generally like amnesia fics, and I loved the length of this one, the slow remembering, etc, but ultimately ... it's kind of sad that Adam, in the wake of his own success, seems to have turned into kind of a cold guy. Of course, the memory!less Adam isn't a cold guy at all, and so he's loveable and sort of bewildered, and that's nice and he never goes away .... so you don't ever have to see the 'cold'Adam, but it makes me wonder.

D (Chris Pine/Zach Quinto, Star Trek RPS)
Absolutely hilarious 'straight boy doesn't know he's pining until he does' story - Rageprufrock is one of my favorite authors in the Merlin fandom, and I couldn't resist this co-written story.  It's crack, pure crack, which is how I love my RPS best.

Zen and the Art of Scheming (Eric/Vince, Entourage)
The note is 'Vince loses his Zen, it's all E's fault, and Vince is simply not going to put up with it.' And I love the fic in this fandom -- it's all about the fact that it's a little scary tipping over that edge from friendship to lovers, but it comes with the realization that, on some level, that's what's been happening all along.
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