my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Visit = Good.

The good part?

Saw bats flood from under the Congress Ave bridge at dusk and wind their way down the river bank in the thousands. Beautiful, eerie, and kinda smelly, but so fabulous. No, I'm not afraid of bats. I think they're kind of cool. Got to see a swan family with baby cygnets - they're beautiful and fuzzy and so sweet.

Tasted 40 or so wines from 4 different vintners in one day. Some were good, some were ... blah, and some were just weird. Saw one of the country's most beautiful damns, meandered through the country side, learned more about Austin, had some serious BBQ, and have more leftovers and new bottles of wine than any person should after a parental weekend.

The bad part?

I'm so out of shape I couldn't keep up with N's parent and his friend while they were walking. My feet turned into burning coals at about mile 2 and we ended up doing about 4. Yes, I know I'm pathetic. Also, last night, after we were done with our traveling day, it was maybe 11 pm, and the only thing I looked forward to was checking the flist and going to sleep. Yes, I'm now firmly ensconced in the unexciting Sat. night category.

The conclusion?

We made it! Through a weekend. And after I post this I get to learn hiragana and catch up on all of the Japanese homework I'd slacked on last week. *shudder* I'm delaying the inevitable brain freeze with an icon post in a few minutes.

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