my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

life is supposed to be exciting? really?

I'd call my life exciting only if you will accept a definition of exciting that includes the following:
  • a refusal to go to Cassidy's show (thereby breaking elizabuffy 's heart) because i couldn't get any of my friends to go with me
  • a friday evening spent starting the reading for the next week while watching tv in the background
  • emotional drama brought on by close quarters and too much sensitivity (yes, that's on my part)
  • a saturday evening where i elected to do homework instead of going to see Avatar
  • getting into a 45 minute long intellectual argument with my school-nemesis on both tuesday & wednesday of last week
  • a sunday evening where i did school work
  • making breakfast crepes for lady friends on Sunday and drinking mimosas until 1 pm
  • a monday morning and evening where i did school work
  • another argument today with nemesis (this time i think it was nearly an hour) about the West/East binary
  • a tuesday morning and evening filled with school work

Japanese test tomorrow. Applications for summer Japanese programs due Feb 5th. Help Haiti auction finished (but now there's graphics to make, eep!)

yeah, I don't think that actually works as a definition of exciting either. It is, however, what's up with me :D

At some point if i get breathing room, I think I may try to keep track of nemesis!arguments, just because I'm always right and he's always wrong, and I've got to get some secret amusement or sense of satisfaction about it somewhere, and arguing with him is not producing that.  It's just draining.
Tags: the nemesis

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