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[artwork] I was going to hold off on this, but it's gush!artwork post time

So I know you guys remember me going on and on about wanting your bids at help_haiti ... but what I didn't talk about yet was that the three magnificent people who won my graphic services with their bids - eurydice72 wanted a banner for her incredibly sweet and beautiful Wes/Willow fic, brutti_ma_buoni gave me three of her fics to choose from and I ended up falling in love with this amazing Darla character examination of hers, and jerakeen (the crazy-wonderful) actually ended up asking me to do movie posters for three of the most amazing and kind of cracktastically wonderful (even if they're not crack, because they're not) AI fics for shelbecat , minglingcrab and butterfly .  Below the cut you'll find those and more extra graphics I've done in recent weeks.

As usual, the graphics for fics link directly to the fic, so please, go read and give a little love to the authors as well, because they're AWESOME.

(for elizabuffy 's new lj layout)

I want to thank EVERYBODY EVER who participated in charity auctions - I cannot express how grateful I am, and awed, by the generosity of people to both Haiti relief and also to DonorsChoose (one of the graphics above was done in honor of a donation there). I'm doubly grateful because right now, I simply can't make a monitary contribution to these causes, even though I believe in them, deeply. But you guys who have bid on my work have enabled me to do something that's almost as good - contribute in the way that I *can*, so that our combined efforts are going for the greater good. And I get to do this thing I love doing in the process. If you ever wondered what good comes from these kinds of fandom auctions, fandom drives, and fandom energy, you have only to look at the thank you pages from DonorsChoose to know that we're making a difference. thanks guys, for allowing me to be part of that.
Tags: *character: adam lambert, *character: cassidy haley, *character: darla, *character: kris allen, *fandom: american idol, *fandom: btvs.ats, *pairing: kris/adam, *pairing: spike/xander, *pairing: wes/willow, my graphics, my headers, my movie posters

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