my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
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caught between

I keep feeling like I'm posting.  But I'm not, really not.  Oh, sure, I'm reading like a fiend and throwing the article notes up for half the articles.  I'm actually caught up on all of my reading for this week, because I read all the articles this weekend.  Now, sadly, all I want to do is goof around because I spent all weekend nose to the grind stone.

I'm not supposed to goof around! 

This does, however, explain the general lack of coherent (non-meme) posts to my own journal.  Emotionally I'm a little more up than down, although last week I did get wildly excited from a convo with one professor and cut to the quick by another professor all in the same day.  Hello emotional pendulum, swing baby, swing. 

We had two job talks last week, and I'm a little afraid that both were on Christianity in Japan, because ... well, compared to other places, there really isn't much Christianity in Japan.  The answer?  Because it's a horrible question.  First we'd be better off asking why Christianity did spread everywhere it has.... and one possible answer is that it came along with military and political backing in most of the 'colonized' countries it spread to.  So to assume that Christianity should have spread to Japan and didn't because Japan is broken or weird or something is a fairly problematic stance.

And sadly, that didn't come from the people doin the talks, so I kinda feel sad for them.  The only other thing I've learned is that I should have my advisor check my handouts because there's a right way of doing them and a wrong way, and BOTH candidates did it the wrong way.

Right now I'm inhabiting the space I've been in for the last umpteen days - at my desk, hunched a little bit over the computer with a mish mash of items around me on the desk, the space heater humming quietly behind me.  The dog walks in from time to time, I think mostly to reassure herself I'm not doing anything entertaining.  She is reassured.

*waves* hi.  what bout you guys?  up to anything this monday night?

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