my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain


wow, i come up with the best entry subjects ever don't I?

i dropped my computer today.  it was AWESOME, as it made this loud noise as it hit the ground screen side down.  However, it seems to be working currently, and I was able to back up all of my crap immediately after, so i'm hoping it'll be ok.  The saddest part?  my computer is not having a good week - i spilled half a cup of coffee on it yesterday.  over the keyboard and everything.

today's japanese test was exponentially harder than the one two weeks ago (on which I scored a B and was proud of myself).  The proof will be in the grading, but I'm not expecting much

i still have a million things to do, especially because i want to try and arrange it so i can spend sunday *not doing homework*, and i'm pouting because there's two talks tomorrow that I'm supposed to go to and fridays are usually the days i sit at home and attempt to do a crap ton of reading.  Imagine me shaking my fist at my college for being lame and scheduling way too many things on Friday.

Other than that though, life is really kind of ok at the moment.

I hope everybody who's stuck in the evil!cold!weather is staying as warm as possible - my thoughts are with you!

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