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cramming in the balance

1/3 of the 3 day Japanese test down.  (and sadly, mostly failed, no, really, i'm serious).  At least I have most of the weekend to study for the next two parts.

Know what I like most about Japanese?  The way kanji looks.  And the little things, like these phrases we're learning with each chapter.  They're called 諺 (pronounced kotowaza and translated as proverbs, or sayings).  These are the ones we've learned so far:

失敗は成功の基 (しっぱいはせいこのもと)
{Shi pai wa sei ko no moto} Failure is the basis for success
yeah, this is the one I tell myself all the time.  Over.  and over.  and over.

サルも木から落ちる (さらもきからおちる)
{Sara mo ki kara ochiru} Even monkeys fall from trees
More translated - everybody makes mistakes, no matter who they are

急がば回れ (いそがばまわれ)
{Isogaba maware} If hurried, go around
Sometimes the fastest route isn't the straightest

類は友を呼ぶ (るいはともをよぶ)
{Rui wa tomo o yobu} Similarities attract friends
More translated - like attracts like

千里の道も一歩より (せんりのみちもいっぽより)
{Senri no michi mo i po yori} The journey of a thousand li begins with one step

So, I'm going to try to do my best to bring the joy of Japanese back into my life.  Yes, the test sucked.  But the language itself is kind of interesting. 

Oh, and, um, if I got the email stuff right I am going to be seeing Nicholas Brendon in his play and then going to his meet and greet after in about a WEEK.  Which I still can't believe actually worked out, but somehow it did (thank you emelye_miller !).  So does anyone have any pressing questions they want me to ask?  And is anyone else going?  I've never done something like this before, so HELP! Advice? Thoughts?  
Tags: *character: xander, *fandom: btvs.ats, japanese, squee

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