my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

fic you should be reading. no, really, why haven't you read it yet?

lose your inhibitions (hold me tight, tonight) by jeyhawk
AI8 | Kris/Adam | NC17 | ~8,000 words
Porn. Cute, almost schmoopy, blindfold 'Kris goes to get a massage' porn. My eyes crossed and they aren't uncrossing soon.

Getting Near Dawn by astolat
AI8 | Kris/Adam/Johnny Weir | EXPLICT | 2,307 words
Written for the GLAAD Gift Bag Challenge (where one is supposed to use the naughty gift bags handed out at GLAAD in some way with Adam Lambert, Brad Bell, and/or Johnny Weir or any of the other attendees). And what does Astolat do? Put it ALL in there. OMG so sweet though. One of the few Adam/Brad fics I have ever and will ever read. this is of course because I hope they actually get back together in real life

Exit Wounds by jerakeen
AI8 | Kris/Adam | PG13 | AU | H/C & a little Jealousy | 4,670 words
It's a sequel to her mini-fic where Kris is a detective and Adam is on the other side of the law, and is just so frigging awesome that I really want another 50,000 words in this verse. But instead she manages to make things pretty damn satisfying with some oragami and a little snuggling. (in honor of shelbecat's bday)

Some realms I owned by glimmergirl
Merlin | Gwen/Morgana | mature | ~3,000 words | canon, modern!au, and reincarnation scenes.
Written for the Five Things Challenge at gwenmorganabbc using the prompt 'five places/spaces Gwen and Morgana shared.' Only Glim will get me reading fic I know will not only tear my heart to itty pieces but also make me glad I did it.

Chimera by nymphaea1
AI8 | Kris/Adam | Mature | 80k | AU, violence, Faerie, magic
Distrust of Faerie persisted in the east and traveled outwards as the United States
and its ally, the Kingdom of Texas, spread west into the lands bordering those claimed by the fey. Two years ago Kris Allen, lost to himself after a bitter three-year war, answered a newspaper ad and headed west to the chaotic borderland known as South California. He'd hoped, in a land with no loyalties, he could find respite from his own divided nature. What he found was something else.

This fic has been going on for quite a while so you've probably all seen it, but it finished the other day, and was / is AWESOME. Nymphaea has a grip on the world that's brilliant, the Original Characters are kind of entertainingly amazing, and it is a completely entertaining read.
Tags: *fandom: american idol, *fandom: merlin, recs

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