my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

i decided it might be obnoxious... BUT

I'm going to be posting my word counts today, just to give myself a little extra boost.  SO, for the paper I haven't talked about at all, on intersex characters in science fiction being even more radical and cool than cyborgs, I give you my first word count on the *final* draft (this does not include rough draft words):

284 / 5600 words. 5% done!

updated: 4:48 PM

940 / 5600 words. 17% done!

updated: 7:38 pm

1490 / 5600 words. 27% done!

updated: 8:58 pm

2284 / 5600 words. 41% done!

updated: 11:14 pm

3081 / 5600 words. 55% done!
Tags: japanese sci fi, random whittering

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