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Friday? How did that happen?

Well, the good parts:

After my scholastic freak out earlier in the week I ripped perfect scores on the next set of little quizzes in my lovely Japanese class. No, it wasn't a tizzy in a bottle, just me getting my proverbial act together to actually kick some ass. And memorize. Memorize. Memorize. I found, to my deep chagrin, that years of running on crisis mode for business makes me far more effective when I'm in it then when I'm not. Also? The actual TEST for Chapter 1? Score: 86.8% (I don't get the whole tenth of a percent thing either). I was hoping for an A, and might've had one if I'd simply reviewed my answers, but hey, it's the first of several, and at least I've got somewhere to go now. And B's kick ass anyway.

Got to talk to EB yesterday, and even if things aren't perfect, it was incredibly good to have EB!time.

I have new eyes! Well, I picked up 4 boxes of contacts from the eye doctor, so it's almost the same thing. They're cheaper here than in CA - I have no idea why, but I'm a happy camper who gets to actually see and wear sunglasses at the same time. Necessary for the bright and fabulous Austin blue skies I journey out into every day.

We joined the UT Sailing club! Yes, I did say we. snash_attack gets to join with a rec pass, so we got him one. We went to an orientation done by a sweet red-haired girl, and a "class" on sailing safety last night taught by a man who has an unhealthy appreciation for sea shanties. He was, however, delighted that Neil knew some of them. As long as Neil feels better (he's not doing so hot right now - summer tickle in the back of the throat), we're going on our first Saturday sail tomorrow.

Speaking of the Rec Pass - we've now got a place to go exercise together. The first time in years and years that we'll be trying to physically exert ourselves in a controlled environment to improve our health. We scouted the place earlier in the week, and it's bizarre but beautiful and a far cry from our little East Field House gym at UCSC (which could've fit into one corner of the multi-leveled complex we now have access to).

I'm done with the Japanese homework for the weekend. Yep. Although, not with the studying.

The ... iffy parts...

Well, in the last couple of weeks, the Japanese homework has taken me about 45 minutes to complete. Tonight's? Took me 3 hours. I'm in the *serious* work now. And shiiiiit if it doesn't look like it just gets more complex from here on out. I may look back on these days and laugh at how simple it all really was at the beginning.

We haven't actually *made* it to the gym yet. We're planning to go on Monday, which is great, but I part of me wants to start right now just because I'm afraid if we don't we won't do anything but make empty promises to each other. Where there's a will, there's a way, though. Also? I just wish it was in time to slim down for the first of the summer weddings, but, short of starving ourselves and working into a frenzy, there's nothing we're going to change in two weeks. Damn.

[overly melodramatic insertion] I miss talking to friends - I realized I haven't done that since I got out of school - summer vacation made me lazy, and then the Japanese thing has made me frenzied. So I think I may end up getting on the phone for hours and hours tonight. But I left a whole host of people behind in LA, and except for my best girl and a couple of emails, I haven't really been contacted by any of those people that I loved. Was I just kind of replaceable? I don't really think it's that, more that people get just as wrapped up in their day to day lives as I do, but still, it'd be nice to actually not have to be the one who does the calling. And where are our Austin friends? Do we always have to be the ones that call them? Apparently, yes. [/overly melodramatic insertion]

Ok, done now. Going to go pick up the phone, I think. And then, icon projects for the night.
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