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A Middlebury Picspam (my 24 favorite pics)

It's just a selection of my favorites, because, um, honestly, I posted approx 200 online in my gallery here, and that was culled from the 300 personal pictures I took and kept and the other 200 pictures I got from other people.  Yeah, we took a LOT of pictures.

view from my window on a rainy afternoon

photos from the graveyard behind my dorm

my classmates (the woman waving is Amaoko-san)
in the building we took classes in (Bicentennial Hall)

the morning sun (with rain clouds on the horizon) on my walk to class

the church next to my dorm

Deidre performing Rakugo

my fifth floor homies (from left to right: rachel, althea, david, sarah)

from the taiko drumming lesson -
the drums, with students listening to instructions in the back

The class mascot: the director's dog "chibitan" *

Ross in kimono! *

Special guest Rakugo performer Ryutei Saryu-San performing a ghost story *

Kamikiri performance by Hayashiya Niraku -
this image was cut out from a single piece of paper with a single cut, in front of our eyes

Me making crepes!

Cupcake Monster

Our class singing our karoke song one last time for Eda-sensei's last class

Erik's awesome, totally out of step dance move at our talent show
(he's the one in the white t-shirt doing the fabulous disco hands)

my class' skit *

the town waterfall

middlebury farmer's market with the church steeple in the background

maple syrup ladies

Choe at the final reception *

our table at the final reception *

the class of 2010 (all 95 of us) *

can you find me?

* pics are from our language administrator Kisling-san
Tags: summer japanese
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