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.....AAAAAND 48 hours later, I'm debating on eating dinner at 10 pm

My friends moved me this weekend.  And I don't mean emotionally.  No, they actually helped me remove all of my crap from the mental hellhole I've been living in and packed it up and stuck it in a truck and then unpacked the truck  (i was helping, promise, but the men did the heavy lifting for the most part).  We started at 9 am, and were done and returning moving van at 4:30 pm.  It was absolutely, utterly, completely insane.

But now it's done, and I've made huge inroads in UNpacking everything they packed up.  (well, ok, I've unpacked the books and that makes it look like I've made huge inroads, because I took 5 bookcases and 30 (or so) boxes of books.  Yep, 30. 

Want to hear something funny?  I need more bookshelves.  Everything is double stacked.

Maija made sure that I didn't lose my head, and kept me going all day with encouraging words.  She also asked me, often, if I really needed to take "this" or "that" and while sometimes I said yes, there were other times I was able to say no.  They're just things.  And as much as they're part of my old life, I don't need to be dragged down by them, especially since the place I moved into isn't huge and doesn't have a lot of room for much of anything else.  She kept reminding me that I was going to be the only one unpacking things, so it was ok if I wasn't lugging my own bookshelves out to the truck. 

She also looked back and saw what a toxic environment the old apartment had become and reminded me that getting out of there was one of the best presents I could give myself.  Actually, everybody reminded me that, and didn't let me sit and woe is me about things, but made sure i kept moving and doing and thinking ahead.

Miranda was amazing just because she never lost her temper, even when we were all struggling at the end to just muster five more seconds of energy.  And she packed pretty much my entire set of kitchen stuff, and helped me make sure I had my christmas ornaments, and navigated with me when I went through the cupboard under the stairs (it was room size).  She arrived just as our spirits were starting to flag from the first push and made it so I could breathe again just knowing I had one more level of support.

Jeff may have arrived later, but he made things GO.  He was like our breath of fresh air when we'd gotten completely tired from working at the entire thing for hours and hours.  And drove me down to Compton to get the truck and did that sorta protective 'want me to come in with you' thing that just proves he's an awesome guy.  And he may have teased me about my particle-wood bookshelves, but he also dragged them from my old apartment to my new apartment without telling me what an evil person I am for keeping all of my books.

Hawk probably gets the crown, though, because he started at 9 am and pushed like a crazy mofo right up until the last minute, and I'd only fed him a bagel.  And because I could hear him laughing all the time, occasionally with a little Maija or Jeff or Miranda joining in.  He was also the one with all the devious ideas, most of which I said no to, even though they were immensely satisfying to contemplate.  He was also the one, while Jeff and I went to get the truck, who apparently hatched the 'draw faces on the framed pictures kate is leaving behind' plan (some devil ears, some x-ing out, some other stuff), which I was not privy too and I probably wouldn't have agreed to, but also wasn't going to spend time cleaning up and smoothing away once it was done.  It should be easy enough to remove marker from glass, just takes a little windex.  And if Neil thinks I was the one who did it?  Then he does. 

As my mom put it (when i told her about the marker), "it's a really good thing that you have friends who love you enough to do that for you" and it really really is. 

Actually, it's also a really good thing that i have friends  who love me enough to help me pack and move all of my stuff in one day and who keep me sane while doing it.  And who get to my new neighborhood and look around and tell me in their honest voices that they like the neighborhood and they think I'm gonna be happy here, and I'm definitely gonna get on with my life here.  And I don't have words enough to express how grateful I am.

So after all that, and after everyone went home to take showers and destinkify, I sat down on my one overstuffed chair, looked at my new housemate, took a deep breath in, and then cried.  Totally reasonable response.  then i got back up, called some friends, and unpacked like 10 boxes of books so I could blow up the borrowed air matress and lay down to sleep.

Today I bought a bed!  It's a twin, which is fitting for the room size but strange because i used to sleep on a queen.  And I unpacked more.  And took the dog for three walks (two short, one longer).  And lost like 4 hours at Ikea.  But bed!  Soon I hope to have pictures to show you all.

And now?  To homework!

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