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I came out from class yesterday to find my car had been towed.  Silver lining?  Took the bus home, which I've been meaning to do for a while.  Left the house at 9:30 am today to go to the sherrif's office to get the form that would allow me to pay the towing company the towing fees and get my car out of hock.  Silver lining? Housemate was willing to drive me to do all this.

Sadly, I was misinformed.  I needed to go to DMV (dept of motor vehicles) first because ... my car registration had apparently expired.  Now, I'm wracking my brains trying to figure out how this happened since I didn't think it had been a year since I'd registered my car.  And turns out, no, I hadn't missed some notice like that.  No.

After waiting an hour and a half in the line outside DMV to get a number to wait for another 3 hours inside DMV, all the while knowing that I have to get back to the other office by 3:30 pm (when they close their doors) with my registration from DMV, I finally make it up to the counter at, oh, 3:10 pm.  And the woman tells me (eventually, after a call to the central central branch in Sacramento) that my car was never properly registered in January -- because at the time I started the registration process I didn't have a police officer verify the VIN number on the vehicle.  Turns out this is something one is supposed to do before one gets into the line to register one's car, and the other DMV office that I did my registration in didn't bother to inform me of this fact.

So, after that I got to get a one-day operating permit (because i'll have to return on Monday with my car and have an officer verify its VIN and reregister), we raced over to a different sherrif's office to have them give me a faxed copy of the form I needed to get the car out of hock.  Of course, on the way over there, I'm on the phone with them trying to make sure we can do this and they're telling me they can't find my car in the system at all.  Apparently because my plates didn't match my old car registration (from before we went to Texas), they didn't write it down with the plate number and couldn't find it from make and model. 

But finally, finally, after I almost broke down and cried, they were able to find the car, give me the form I needed, and the housemate and I drove to the payment center for the tow, and then drove across the city again to get to the actual yard where they were keeping my car.

Silver lining?  um.... my boy!housemate is even more awesome than I thought, because he actually never got impatient and drove me around from 9:30 am to almost 6 pm without complaint.  And this problem has put the housing problem into total perspective -- what housing problem? lol.  And my mom is going to help me with actual payment so I will not have to eat ramen for the next two months.

Long day though.

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