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30 days notice

Got this email from Asha today:


I definitely want to prevent Tako from being bitten again. In fact I would like for he and Domino to get along peacefully with out he and I being fearful that she may do it ever again. I agree that she doesn't constantly attack him but her aggressive behaviors occur far too often and now with an injury this has become serious to me. I'll take a look at these sites today to see if there is something that we can come up with. I know you don't like my ideas of using a crate, muzzle, and/or doggy day care with Domino but I think they are effective methods when used properly and definitely not as costly as you having a trainer come out to work with Domino as mentioned in our conversation last night. Either way, thanks for coming up with ideas as well, i appreciate you being proactive. I do like the idea of you getting a trainer for Domino. I wish you luck with the trainer and hope you and Domino learn how to work well together. Once you two establish a good foundation I will be willing to re-evaluate how I think we should all move forward (tako and I join the training or as you said to me, you finding a different housing situation). If I come up with other ideas after reading through these sites to help out I'll let you know.


So, my options are to crate my dog, muzzle my dog, or pay for doggie day care (which is about $25 per day, so if I'm having her out at doggie day care every day I'm not home, that's $50 a week?  or more if I leave the house?  Or to work with a trainer on MY relationship with my dog, because that's the problem here.  But she certainly won't actually listen to a trainer until after I've done training. 

I'm done.  I gave my 30 day notice tonight, as follows:

Dear Asha,

I do take the dog interaction seriously, and I thank you for responding to my email. I was in contact with the following trainer today: who noted that it is essential that she see both dogs together in order to offer any feedback on behavior modification. I understand from your email below and our conversation last night that you are not interesting in pursuing this as a solution.

I think, at this point, that I need to pursue other living arrangements. Attached you will find my letter giving you my 30 days notice, effective tomorrow. Please confirm via email that you received this.

Thank you,

Hi kate,
Thanks for sending me the link to the trainer. I guess since you have decided to submit your notice I do not need to look in to it. I was hoping you could work with the trainer first and possibly then tako and I could join in.
Unfortunately you are breaking your contract. You are obligated for 3 months and because you are breaking your contract you are not due your deposit. Please look up your renters rights to be clear.
Sorry it did not work out.

Yep, she spent the money.  I think I'm going to have to take a loss on this, because there's no way I could be here for two months.


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