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So many things to be thankful for

Ok, first off, thank you savoytruffle and cordelianne - the two of you are minions of awesome delight, and your joy and thoughtfulness is much appreciated! And thank you brutti_ma_buoni  and entrenous88 for the totally adorable puppy-v-gifts!! They are awesome, and super cute, and I love them both (and Brutti, dogs are *always* appropriate).

And second, thank you to elizabuffy and gray_ghost andn Miranda for always being there and listening to my stupid crazy shit at a moments notice and just being your awesome awesome selves.

And third, thank you to every one of you who has sent their love and support and dropped a random "holy shit" or "right on" comment to me over the last month of ass-backward-crazy in my life! Seriously, I don't think I'd be this sane about dealing with all of the absolutely absurd crap without you guys, and your friendship and support means so much to me that it's practically unspeakable (and yet, here I am, trying to put it into words).

Finally, as much as I planned very little for this, my 35th (dear gods, really) birthday, it has been a really good birthday. It started, actually, on Friday morning, when my girl Vettie and her new fiance took me out to breakfast (where we ate things that were hideously bad for us -- i had stuffed french toast), and continued that night to her birthday dinner where I finally got to meet her friends over Korean BBQ and a ton of shochou (though the night got more out of hand after I left, apparently), and then continued even further at a Karoke party my girl Charisse planned for *all* of the Libras she knew. That was Friday night.

Today? Today I got woken up by a happy birthday song from my Mom, and had a conversation with her that made me smile, got to do a little laundry (clean!birthday!sheets = yay), had friends call me all day to check in and wish me happy happy, and got taken out to dinner by Maija and Jeff for good times, sexual innuendo, and scrumptious pasta.... and a dessert with a birthday candle in it.

I"m actually typing this right now with a grin on my face. Because despite the annoying stuff:  Housemate Asha was finally told by the landlord that me and boy!housemate are taking over the lease -- which was fine, we were gonna tell her when we saw her in person anyway.  Instead of taking the pro-rated rent and security deposit the landlord is willing to pay her if she leaves now, she looks like she's going to stay until they have to go to court to boot her out.  She's being particularly juvenile about it - last night she was in the apartment only long enough to realize we were watching a movie through the cable and she disconnected the cable box and internet connection and gave us our $3 back (that was the cost of October's bill after we'd paid for instillation) (also, we have sorta crappy internet through the landlord's cable to fall back on so it's fine), and then sometime in the night she took the couch cushion off of her indonesion couch so we have to sit on the wood part if we want to sit in the living room.  Boy!housemate and I laughed our asses off this morning at the cushion thing - if she thinks that's going to make us uncomfortable??? yeah, got another thing coming.  I bought us both door locks for our rooms so we can effectively lock her out of them if we're not home today, so we're not just laughing at her, we're taking such precautions as we can.  Anyway, it looks like the landlord is going to have to take her to court and get an unlawful detainer ruling against her, as she's determined to be a pain in the ass as long as she can.  She yelled at the landlord so much on Sat morning that the landlord's daughter actually called the cops - who came out and told Asha to stop making a nuisance of herself, and, when she'd described the rental situation to them, told her she should probably just leave if no one wanted her here.  The expression 'digging her own grave' is an understatement here.  Landlord and landlord's daugther came over Sat afternoon to talk with boy!housemate and I and decide how we're going to proceed forward - we have verbal permission from them to keep our things in the apartment even after Asha leaves, will be paying nov rent directly to landlord, and will be signing contract with her Nov 10 after Asha's 30 notice is up.

All we have to do at this point is wait her out and take care of ourselves., I have a grin on my face, great friends and great family, good school work and good life, good boy!housemate and good dog, and really?

I'm having a damn fine time, all in all.

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