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Greetings from the ?wilds? of Yale!

I made it alive!!  Got into Hartford last night at 11 pm and had to drive from there to New Haven because I bolluxed up my plane ticket (i knew i'd screwed it up, and that's what rental cars are for).  Not only was it in the dead of the night, it was raining!  Perfect way to introduce myself to east coast driving, right?  And the car rental lady thought she was doing me a favor by giving me an SUV type thing too.  I'm laughing about it this morning, and even last night I think I must've had a bit of a maniac grin clutching the steering wheel hoping no more big trucks would pass me.  Hey, the slow lane and me?  Got very well acquainted.

Did you know they don't put helpful little reflectors in the road for you out here?  They don't.  It was disconcerting.

Luckily I pulled up safe and sound to my girlfriend's girlfriend's apartment, on a tree filled street, got walked in and bedded down and other than being slightly cold slept straight on through this morning.  I assume tomorrow, when I have to actually be awake for my own presentation first thing, is going to be when I'm most tired. 

It's absolutely beautiful here - crisp and cool, and I'm wearing my winter jacket (that most people here would probably consider a fall jacket since they're used to snow - thank all the gods it's not snowing).  Not that I'm wearing it right now since I'm sitting in a free-trade coffee shop drinking a mocha worthy of the name (not too sweet, actual foam) waiting for registration to open for my conference.

I'm on pins and needles about presenting tomorrow - I have the paper done, but it could use some more editing.  I have so clearly in my head what I want to say about each piece, but definitely my power point will be getting some major revisions today so that it adequately reflects that. 

I want to take pictures, too, so I'll have to do that at some point and really be touristy - perhaps Sunday when I can take a deep breath?

I felt last night, as the road stretched in front of me, covered in water, that if I'd been with Neil when this was happening he would have been concerned for me -- funny that, because it's not exactly the feeling of missing him so much as missing having someone out there who i call to check in with who tells me to be careful.  So I called my mom when I got in which I think worked out pretty well for her and me. And I smiled at myself a little, because as much as it was a strange adventure in the dark of night, it was also just driving an hour in some rain. 

I can't stop smiling this morning either, and I don't think it's just the sleep dep./jet lag/what have you.  I think part of it is just that I'm here doing this thing called life.

It's kind of awesome.  I'll probably post more if I get bored at the conference, but if not, wish me luck!

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