my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

I'm sorry to come in with my bags of woe

But I've got 'em.

Ok, so, first?  Good things in my life, things that have gone on in the last 7 days:

  • Maija came over tonight and bought me yummy vegetarian thai food and we watched True Blood and had an enjoyable, sane (mostly, but will get to that) evening
  • I got to work with 3rd graders today to figure out how to learn more about local landmarks via the web and had a good time with it, even if it took a lot of energy (I worked with three kids, and it really is like herding cats)
  • I managed to get my laundry done on a monday night - yay for clean sheets
  • My advisor wrote this kick ass "you should give her $$ for expenses" letter in support of my recent conference journey
  • I went to Griffith Observatory with a friend on Sunday and we actually caught one of the planetarium shows (yay student ID price!) and it was awesome in a super duper geeky way
  • I took the dog to the dog park and met a Chinese Mastiff puppy that is going to look just like this when he grows up (and is bigger than Domino now)
  • I was actually interested in doing art and did a banner for [profile] eurydice72 (finally beginning to fulfill some of my [community profile] help_pakistan bidders/winners)
  • I started to think about how I'm going to decorate my place when the evil housemate is out
  • I got a pretty decent fridge for $200 delivered on the morning I wanted it.
Ok, so keep that in mind (trust me, I'm trying, really trying), because tonight I came home to find Asha had broken into my room through my window in order to circumvent the lock i'd put on the door

Tuesday she was moving out - got her shit out, and handed the keys to the landlord at 11:30 at night, and made appt with landlord to do final walk through on Saturday

Wednesday she starts emailing me about how I still need to move out, and I owe her money

Friday she calls the police and they arrive on my doorstep.  She told them she was barred from entering the home by the landlord, "who stole the keys out of her hand"She stalks through the door an hour later and starts moving her crap back in.  Police are called back.  They end up making the landlord give Asha a key back.

Over the weekend she emails me this "you have three options" email that includes basically me paying her more money and having my shit out of the apartment,  I respond with one line telling her I'll remain in occupancy.  She emails back insanity, accusing me of yelling at her, accusing me of profiling her to the cops, accusing me of racism, etc.  I stopped responding.

Monday she emails to demand that I take the lock off my door immediately or she'll do it for me.  I did not respond.

I came home tonight to find my window screen broken because she'd climbed in through the window to replace the lock on my door with the old handle -- and she'd apparently sprayed some scent in the room because it smelled like lemons.

I cried. 

I also called the police.  The officer actually got on the phone with her and told her what she'd done was illegal, and that if I had claimed she'd stolen anything, she would be charged with a felony.  He talked to her for almost half an hour, trying to get her to tell him the name of the supposed "housing official" she supposedly had out today (that was the "reason" why she broke into my room).  He got off the phone with her and said "yep, she's crazy". 

But she did it to rattle me, and it worked.

At this point I don't know what I'm going to do.  There's a big part of me that wants to out stubborn her.  There's a big part of me that wants to get the hell out of here and get on with my life.  There's a big part of me that is freaked the fuck out and there's a part of me that sees that she didn't do anything but what she did, which is fucked up, but if she does any damage, real damage?  She knows she's going to get fucked for it.  Right now it qualifies as harassment. 

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