my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

you're right DWG, there is this turkey thing

It's thanksgiving in the states. This means I spent six hours in the car last night driving from southern to northern california to be with the family. My holiday is taking place in two parts - the first at my mom's (where tonight we will be making pumpkin soup - will post the recipe if it turns out as delicious as it sounds like it's going to) and tomorrow doing turkey breast. The second is at my dad's, starting Friday sometime when I drive down there, where the great galavanting hordes of my family will (i think) be not all galavanting (some have to work). I brought the puppy with me up here, and she's having a fine time so far. We'll see what happens when I leave her alone for the afternoon in a couple of minutes.

It's freezing up here, literally, and my body is not tuned to cold. Oh well, at least it feels like winter!

More later, must go and work on Mom's website as the handy child who is not afraid of the internets.

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