my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

ugh. whoops.

my lesson for the day:  don't go back through your last year's pictures to find a good photo of yourself for a dating site you're not actually ready to sign up for - especially when 90% of those pictures have your ex in them.

it leaves a bad taste in the back of the mouth, to say the least.

ONTO good things - I made a pecan-goat cheese chicken breast tonight, with a baby spinach salad with cranberries and blue cheese. It was nummy. 

Getting ready for northern california I got my rear brakes done, yay.  (not so great - I apparently need new shocks and struts, but my car won't break because I can't buy them, so ... i'm calling that one sort of even).

Went to breakfast with girlfriend this morning - company was excellent, but the salmon omelet was dry as a bone and it was quite disconcerting.  Good coffee though. Settling in with the new couches (and the dog loves them), and I keep meaning to put up pictures of them, but am lazy.  I will at some point, in a massive holiday picspam or something perhaps.

The housemate took out the trash and brought the mass of cups out of his room, yay!  The funk has been cleaned up a little bit too, I think, so I did good in the not bugging him thing.

I'm feeling particularly lazy though, so I don't feel like packing and getting ready for everything.  I've also not done any of the things on my to do list for break, which is pretty par for the course for me!  But I'm more amused at myself than anything else.  I've avoided making to do lists I think in part because I don't want them hanging out there reminding me of the things I have yet to do.  Either they'll get done or they won't. 

I am truly looking forward to the next couple of weeks though - it's going to be one hell of a ride.  First the Sacto family, then Mom & I are doing xmas in LA, then Megan is coming to visit for New Years, then Tyler after that.  For having a month off school I'm kinda busy! :D

Other than that I've been mainlining the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and enjoying the first round of recs at [community profile] fancake (which you should check out if you haven't, because it's an awesome themed multifandom rec comm).

Speaking of that, can anyone remember a Sheppard/McKay amnesia fic where McKay tests out an alien device that makes him forget John entirely (but *just* John, he remembers everyone and everything else) and John thinks it's because he did something bad but really it wasn't? And they blow up a hive ship and are marooned (sorta) on their little ship for what they think is going to be a couple of weeks but is only a couple of days? I can't remember for the life of me where I read it but I'd like to rec it - if this sounds familiar to anyone, let me know?

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